Adriana Meneses Imber graduated from Communication at UCAB (Caracas, Venezuela) and has a post-graduate degree in Art Administration from Drexel University, (Philadelphia, USA). Since the year 79 has worked as a reporter for the Cultural Pages of El Universal, a task that continued while studying in the United States. She took Art Appreciation courses at the Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia.

In 1987 she opened the gallery Ernst Alexander in Washington DC. From 1990 to 1995 worked as Director of Culture of the Government of the Federal District, Venezuela, where she developed an extensive program of exhibitions, musical events, and training workshops, among other activities.

In 1995 she became Director-founder of the Museum Jacobo Borges, unique institution in its genre whose profile is to developed a series of exhibitions and activities that link the artistic to social issues. In that position Meneses remained for eleven years. from 2006 to 2007, directed the Museum Carlos Cruz Diez later became the coordinator for Special Projects for IARTES. In August, 2015 moved to the United States, where she has been organizing exhibitions and is part of the I AM MONUMENTS Institutional Assets and Monuments team and part of the Arts Connection board.



Current and Past Positions

  • Executive Director of Project, Miami, Fl, January 2019 – currently.
  • Board Member of Arts Connection Foundation, 2018 – currently.
  • Advisor IAM Venezuela (Institutional Assets and Monuments of Venezuela), Founder Member 2015 – currently.
  • Board Member Fundación  cultural Estilo (Caracas, Venezuela, 2019-currently)
  • Director GSiete Art Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela, 2009-2017.
  • Director of Special Projects, IARTES, Caracas, Venezuela, 2007-2009.
  • Director of “Gonzalez Benahim Pinto” Hebraica Cultural Center, Caracas, Venezuela, 2002-2006.
  • President of Teatro San Martin, Caracas, Venezuela, 1995-2006.
  • Executive Director of Museo de la Estampa y el Diseño Carlos Cruz Diez, 2006-2007.
  • Director of Museo del Oeste Jacobo Borges, Caracas, Venezuela, since 1989-2006.
  • Director of  Culture, D.F. Government, Caracas, Venezuela, 1991-1995.
  • Research Assistant of  XX Century Art Department, Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1984-1986. (volunteer)
  • Director of Ernst Alexander Art Gallery, Washington DC,  1985-1987.
  • Art Journalist of El Universal newspaper.  Caracas, Venezuela, 1979 – 1989.


  • Master in Art Administration, Drexel University, Philadelphia, 1986-1987
  • Art Appreciation and Art Philosophy courses, Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia, 1984-1985.
  • Art History courses,  University of Pennsylvania, 1983-1985
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, Caracas, 1977-1982.

Featured Publications

Coordination of Participarte (Caracas, Venezuela, (2007-2008), La Roca de Crear (Caracas, Venezuela, 2007-2008), Colección de Arte Venezolano (IARTES, Caracas, Venezuela, 2008), and several publications for Museo del Oeste Jacobo Borges, Caracas, Venezuela, and Museo de la Estampa y el Diseño Carlos Cruz Diez, Caracas, Venezuela

Featured Exhibitions in Miami

  • Curator of For Now, Contemporary Venezuelan Art of the Miami Diaspora (Coral Gables Museum, Miami, 2019) 
  • Curator of Sofía Imber Collection Exhibition (Pinta Art Fair, Miami, 2018) 
  • Curator of Adrian Pujol Exhibition (Interbrokers, Doral, 2017)
  • Coordination of Cala Foundation Auction (Miami, 2017) 
  • Curator of Just Print Exhibition (MG Developers, Coral Gables, 2016)
  • Curator of Pietro Daprano Exhibition (One Connect Room, Miami, 2017)

Featured Exhibitions as Director of GSiete Gallery, Centro de Arte Los Galpones, Caracas, Venezuela

  • “Fiesta e identidad”, Fran Camino (2015)
  • “Ecos; interacción de elipses”, Miguel Grillo (2014)
  • “El infinitio es transparente”, Ketty Violo (2012)
  • “Geometría y naturaleza”, Yuye de Lima (2012)
  • “In Search of Invisibility”, Ricardo Goldman (2010)

Featured Exhibitions as Director of Museo del Oeste Jacobo Borges, in Caracas, Venezuela

  • 90-60-90 (2000)
  • Niños de la Calle (1999)
  • Se vino Abajo el Cielo (1998)
  • Rafaela Baroni (1998)
  • Taller Libre de Arte (1997)
  • Caballo de Troya (1997)
  • Cuarta Pared: Alfredo Jaar, David Lamelas, Felix Gonzalez Torres y Jose Gabriel Fernandez (1996)
  • Caracas Retratada (1995)
  • Lo Humano en Jacobo Borges y en La Pintura Venezolana (1995)

Featured Exhibitions as Director of Culture, D.F. Government, Caracas, Venezuela

  • Bolivar en el Alma Popular,  Sala de Exposiciones de la Gobernacion de Caracas, 1994.
  • Adrian Pujol, Grandes Formatos. Sala de Exposiciones, Gobernacion de caracas, 1991.
  • Salon de Reciclarte, Los Alquimistas del Desecho, Sala de Exposiciones, Gobernacion de    Caracas, 1991.
  • Edgar Negret, Exposicion Inaugural Sala de Exposiciones Gobernacion de Caracas, 1990.

Another Relevant Activities 

  • Jury at XXII Salon de Arte Joven de Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia, August 1995.
  • Jury at 28 Salon Arte de Aragua, Maracay, Venezuela, 2003.