Adriana Meneses Imber is a cultural manager and visual arts curator with an illustrious career of 40+ years creating, developing and organizing various cultural events and supporting artistic endeavors. She graduated from Communication at UCAB (Caracas, Venezuela) and has a post-graduate degree in Arts Administration from Drexel University, (Philadelphia, USA). As a Director of Culture of the Government of the Federal District, Venezuela, she developed an extensive program of exhibitions, musical events and training workshops, among other activities. Displaying a robust work ethic, technical expertise, effective team collaboration and leadership, she became Director-founder of the Museum Jacobo Borges in 1995. During her eleven-year tenure in this position, she developed a series of exhibitions and activities that linked artistic and social issues. From 2006 to 2007, she directed the Museum Carlos Cruz Diez and later became the coordinator for Special Projects for IARTES, Caracas. In August 2015, Adriana relocated to the United States, where she worked for IAM Venezuela, Institutional and Assets and Monuments of Venezuela. As an independent curator, Adriana has worked in numerous projects and exhibitions both in the United States and internationally, overseeing comprehensive tasks including research, piece selection, database management and event coordination. Some of her exhibitions are: For Now: Contemporary Venezuelan Art of the Miami Diaspora (2019) and Visados para la Libertad (2020), Coral Gables Museum; Botero at Full Volume (2022), The Doral Contemporary Art Museum; and Synergies, Geometric Art, MIFA (2022). Currently, Adriana is working on safekeeping the Legacy of Venezuelan journalist, art manager and supporter of the arts, Sofia Imber with the University of Miami, FL.