For Now: Contemporary Venezuelan Art of the Miami Diaspora

Carole A. Fewell Gallery and Abraham Gallery, Coral Gables Museum

Miguel Acosta, Paul Amundarain, Uaio Antor, William Barbosa, Rafael Barrios, Alberto Blanco, Muu Blanco, Milton Becerra, Nadia Benatar, Carola Bravo, Starsky Brines, Nahila Campos, Amalia Caputo, Maria Cristina Carbonell, Ivan Castillo, Alberto Cavalieri, Pietro Daprano, Bernadette Depujols, Elsa Este, Nina Dotti, Leslie Gabaldon, Gabriela Gamboa, Juan Henriquez, Corina Hoher,Lili(ana), Andres Manner, Yucef Merhi, Andres Michelena, Mariana Monteagudo, Rolando Peña, Rafael Rangel, Sidia Reyes, Jorge Salas, Ines Silva, Karen Starosta-Gilinski, Patricia Van Dalen, Abigail Varela, Tony Vázquez, Lisu Vega, Tona Vegas, Julia Zurilla.


FOR NOW… brings together key Venezuelan artists who have settled in Miami throughout the last twenty years. From different generations, and working on a great variety of mediums and topics, these creators are part of a complex, ever-growing art scene that has made a huge impact in South Florida.

Some of the works in the show relate to the experience of the Diaspora. They explore topics such as memory, silence, and the complexities of the nation left behind. Another group of pieces pose formal concerns. In them, there is a visible dialogue with the strong Venezuelan tradition of Geometric Abstraction. Yet others are more in tune with broader concerns within the local and the international art scene.


Curated by: Adriana Meneses and Yuneikys Villalonga